About Dawn and Superstay Tights



The Esmé brand was inspired literally from the heart – my first grandchild is named Esmé and it means “loved”. Carrying on the theme, Amore also means love. I felt this was the perfect name.

When I first started this journey, I was passionate about being able to demonstrate that there was a solution to tights falling down. Superstay Tights® from Esmé Amore don’t sag, fall down even when worn all day.

Made from quality flexible products they are perfect for all shapes. Without the traditional restrictive waistband, they are also ideal for Maternity Wear.

Now you can feel confident and natural in tights like never before.


Our products are manufactured in Italy near Milan in a region renowned for unrivalled quality and innovation. We have complete confidence that these tights are created to the finest quality.

Superstay® Tights are unique on the market due to the hidden silicone band around the thighs holding the tights comfortably in place – all day.

The 3D technology means not only will the Superstay Tights®  will luxuriously fit like a second skin, they will be incredibly durable.

We genuinely believe wearers of any age will love Superstay Tights® . We are that confident we guarantee 100% money back if you’re not totally satisfied.

What Our Clients Say

a touch of coverage never felt so sexy



CAROLE ANN RICE – REVIEW 11th December 2017

” I do love things (and people) that do what they say they are going to do. It takes a work of genius to see a problem then design something to relieve it.

So it was with hop that I tried a new brand of “no sag” tights. Women with long legs across the UK will know the misery of tights that drag down causing midriff wadge and a penguin-like sag.

Success! These tights won’t drag down or let you down and that made me smile “


Wow..first time wearing these tights yesterday, did not have to pull them up ONCE! Lovely material, so comfortable.


(Instagram post for- Esmé Amore Superstay Tight)

” I always love the cool weather and beautiful colours in autumn. My tights from Esmé Amore are the perfect addition to my autumn wardrobe. They have such a unique design. “

Clara George – Fashion Blogger

Love wearing Esmé Amore Superstay Tights. Very happy with the quality, still using them all the time. Two pairs of Superstay Tights I have are still as new after months of wear. Usually by much cheaper tights but seem to buy a new pair every week. Very comfortable and stay up all day, no sagging. Feel nice wearing them,like the feeling you get when you wear pretty, expensive matching underwear!   I also wore them throughout my pregnancy and now as a mum I can still feel fabulous when I where Superstay Tights. I wouldn’t go back to my old tights.


These have got to be the best tights I have ever tried. They stay where they are placed, no sagging or bagging just secure – no worries or readjusting and they haven’t snagged yet. Just wash and wear time after time.They’ll out last your everyday pairs.


I have worn Esmé Amore tights and they are fabulous, no more constantly pulling up my tights. Once they are up they are up and very comfortable.



Finally a pair of tights you don’t have to constantly keep pulling up! Super comfy and feel luxury! Would recommend. I’ll never go back to normal tights now!