We are actively seeking to supply Retailers who would be interested in a unique product on the market for women’s hosiery. Tights that don’t fall down is something women have been waiting for. I am the inventor and founder of Esmé Amore Superstay Tights which have the unique silicone hold around the thighs that look and feel feminine. My product makes women feel secretly glamorous underneath their clothing giving women confidence that their tights will not fall down throughout the day.

There are no other tights on the market like my brand Esmé Amore Superstay. I believe these will be a product that women who aspire to luxury and glamour will want to be able to buy on the high street as well as through my website.

If you feel these luxury tights made in Italy would sit alongside and even compliment your merchandise please contact me for further information.

Katie Blanchard

I Love wearing Esmé Amore Superstay Tights. Love the luxurious quality. Still wearing them all the time. Two pairs of Superstay Tights I have are still as new after months of wear. Usually by much cheaper tights but seem to buy a new pair every week. So comfortable and stay up all day, no sagging, no adjusting. Feel nice wearing them, it's like the feeling you get when you wear pretty, expensive matching underwear! Sexy!!! I also wore them throughout my pregnancy and now as a mum I can still feel sexy when I where Superstay Tights. I wouldn't go back to my old tights.